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Transformed ……………………

Coming home from prison I wanted to be different, the Bible says, to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. So I had to first get saved and change my thinking which got me to the point where I could drop my pride and ask for help.

I went to a place called Target Area and soon after I became a client, but the transformation wasn’t complete. I gave of myself and bought into what God had planned for my life. Getting into church wasn’t good enough for me; I needed to be involve in the ministry so I could continue to transform.

A year or so later while I was letting the word of God fill me, I became a case manager. I would go into prisons and mentor clients on parole; I thought to myself, “Where they do that at”, but God. Being transformed into a true testimony, I became one who was determined to never giving up. I planned to stand on God’s word and not turn back.

As time went on, I realized that with change comes with a sense of redemption. While working with the youth I was able to right, a few wrongs. I was also able to build a relationship with my children and be in a place where they could come for the summer and live with me. That experience was rewarding in itself.

Learning how to be that Father that has eluded me for so many years; being under a true Shepherd that has been a Father to me has given me insight to be able to give Godly directions to my children and the youth I mentor. I was able to provide them with more than book knowledge and the experiences of my past have served as a teaching tool that allows me to relate to the youth of this day and age.

This transformation has really helped me to grow into the man God in envisioned me to be, but this process is an ongoing one. Every day I have to work and die out to myself as the word of God suggests. Never will I take any credit for God’s work; I’m just grateful to be finally listening.

LeRonn Johnson

Target Area Development Corporation

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