Kindness Campaign!

When you are committing KIND acts to people it will be noticed and people will support.

I have been sharing updates heavily about The KINDNESS Campaign’s outreach and engagement to people on the streets
Someone saw the post (Catherine Lockwood) and shared the post that someone else saw( Christian Harris, Owner of MaidPro Oak Park) who contacted a friend, Saeng, who is the owner of Na Siam Thai Restaurant 6851 W North Ave Oak Park, IL 60302 (708) 613-4447.

Saeng provided full Thai meals, nicely packed, individually, easy for sharing.

I am humbly grateful to receive support from strangers, better yet, KIND people. Being blessed to be a blessing to other people. KINDNESS touches everyone.

The KINDNEDS Campaign is a movement powered by a uniquely diverse coalition. No boundaries or agenda but KINDNESS.

Na Siam Thai Restaurant has good, fresh authentic Thai selections. Feel free to dine or order delivery. Or, call/stop by and thank Saeng for supporting and loving people.

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