Target Area: Rebuilding Lives After Incarceration!

Rebuilding Lives After Incarceration!


Spoken Word!


At Target Area we work to build relationships so that lives can be rebuilt after incarceration!


The rate of recidivism in Illinois is up to 51.7% but for Target Area’s statewide CSAC program, the rate is down to 19%!


We realize the importance of care when working in the community and we work to educate our legislators about the struggles of our people!


Guest Speaker: Dr. Jacobus Numdoe speaking about the vital role the church can play in restoring the community.


Panel Discussion where each panelist gave their thoughts about the contributors to recidivism.


Mentioned was the lack of stabilization and accountability;


Employment, education, housing, and other resources are a major need for those returning to the community from prison.


We must do what it takes to raise awareness and effect positive change.


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