From a classmate of the 13 yr old shot in the face last week on 79th and Ashland bus

This is so bad, that yo life has went sad😞
Like how do someone do that, then run and hide😳

How did they feel when they pulled the trigger?
Bought a gun and didn’t consider!

That it’s other ways to deal with the problem! Shot you in the jaw and caused childhood trauma!

Did you ever stop to think that it could’ve been you?
He wasn’t a friend, but this dude was kool😳

On his grind, but you never could’ve knew,           What a person can be going through!

What’s the point of violence; you can take a life!
To shoot with a gun, or kill with a knife!

Soon as I step out the door, my mama becomes worried even more!
And when I don’t answer the phone, she starts to think that something is wrong!

That I’m laying up dead, 😳when I could be in bed!
Or laying in a ditch cause some guy is so sick!

Just stop the violence😟 and we’ll be fine!
Get well soon Roderick; take your time😔

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