Public Safety

We strive to Reduce Crime and Violence without incarceration.


The Vision of TARGET Area Development’s Public Safety department is to provide learning and leadership opportunities that prepare residents to become leading spokes persons addressing local public safety issues using the ROME (Research, Organizing, Mobilization, and Education) method.


The Mission of TARGET Area Development’s Public Safety department is to build leaders amongst community stakeholders through Research, Organizing, Mobilization and Education to solve stubborn public safety issues.


Goal: It is the goal of TARGET Area to reduce crime in the Auburn Gresham and Englewood neigborhood through grassroots organizing, leadership dev, and civic action.


To achieve its goal the Public Safety Department utilizes three components:

1.      Conflict resolution to avoid shootings

  • Identifying “hot spots” where conflict is arising and/or can potentially arise, in effort to deescalate the feuding parties, conflict resolution strategies such as interventions are used to identify alternative methods for resolution that do not end in violence.
  • When an individual and/or family is the victim of violence a team consisting of outreach workers, residents, community leaders, and clergy are deployed to pray with the individual and/or family and to provide education, mentoring, and comfort as a means to minimize the possibility of retaliation.

2.      Public Education

  • TARGET Area Development engages a public education campaign to facilitate behavior change and promote nonviolence by employing canvassers to saturate neighborhoods with posters, leaflets, flyers, yard signs, bumper stickers, T-shirts, buttons and other materials that disparage violence and carry pointed messages about the consequences of shootings and killings.

3.      Leadership Development

  • TARGET Area Development builds upon the leadership capabilities through recognizing residents and youth in the community that are willing to learn about and mobilize around public safety issues.