Public Safety Programs

Public Safety Programs


Chicago Public Schools Safe Passage Program:
School Community Watch Services are designed to provide safe routes for┬ástudents┬átraveling to and from school daily. Your school has a uniquely tailored School Community Watch strategy. This strategy considers the community around your school, popular models of student transportation, arrival and dismissal times, and student residences. You can identify school community watchers by their yellow safety vests with the words “CPS Community Watch” on the back.

TADC currently provides services to the following schools:

  • South side
    • Ryder Elementary (Steve Perkins)
    • Barton Elementary (Roberta Williams)
  • West side
    • Marshall High School (John Miller)
    • Orr High School (Robert Lockett)
    • Manley High School (Lakita Pearson)
    • Jensen Elementary (Phillip McClendon)
    • Crown Elementary (Zyonna Bragg)
    • Cather Elementary (Zeolia Gordon)
    • Johnson Elementary (Mack Thompson)

In addition, Recess Coordinators are provided for the following schools:

  • Jensen Elementary
  • Crown Elementary




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Cease Fire:
The Auburn Gresham/Englewood program is part of a larger strategic public health initiative (Chicago Project for Violence Prevention-University of Illinois) that utilizes organizing, leadership development, advocacy, direct action, and services to reduce and eventually eliminate shootings in the community.







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