Atlantis, South Africa

Safety_walk_on_annual_eventSafecities – Atlantis in Cape Town, South Africa was founded in 2006 by Joseph L. Stanford and a group of concerned residents, as a sister organization of TARGET Area DevCorp. Safecities of the Atlantis region work focuses on, community organizing, leadership development, economic development & empowerment, demonstration projects, and supportive services for residents and stakeholder of the Atlantis community.
Current Issues and programs include:
    1. Violence Prevention – Community engagement through safety walks, issue education and providing alternative activities
    2. Community Meeting
    3. After School Program – Providing tutoring, mentorship, and social support for students and young adults in school
    4. Emergency Food – Food distribution to families each week
    5. Life skills – sessions and training for residents and stakeholders
    6. Trainings – Provide basic workshops and sessions for organizing and leadership development

Contact Information

Corner of Brutus Ave, Charl Uys Drive
Room 7 in the Seven Eleven building, Saxon Sea
Atlantis, Cape Town South Africa 7349

Contact Person: Diane Peters
Phone/fax # 021 572 4001

Postal  Address: Send Correspondence to
PO Box 3118, Rreygersdal
Atlantis, Cape Town 7352
Founder and Chairperson:
Apostle Joseph L. Stanford.

Safecities – Atlantis, South Africa (TARGET Area Regional Site)